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    The advantages of granite testing platform

    Granite testing platform is a tool for marking and inspection of precision processing enterprises. In terms of high-precision measurement, due to the characteristics of the granite detection platform, its application is more and more extensive.

    The granite detection platform is made of stone material by mechanical processing and hand-finishing. The structure is precise, the texture is uniform, the strength is high, the hardness is high, and the stability is strong. Granite detection platform has a dense structure, smooth and wear-resistant surface, small roughness, long-term natural aging, internal stress disappears, material is stable, and it is not easy to deform.

    Granite detection platform is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion and magnetic, not easy to be rusted and rusted, easy to use and maintain, not easy to stick to dust; granite detection platform has small linear expansion coefficient and little influence by temperature; granite detection platform works After the surface is bumped or scratched, only pits are generated, and scratches, ridges, and burrs are not easily generated, and the measurement accuracy is not affected. The granite detection platform is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, can maintain the accuracy of temperature measurement, and can move smoothly during measurement.

    The granite inspection platform is a precision reference measurement tool made of stone materials. It is a good reference for instrumentation, precision tools and mechanical parts. After years of development and progress, the granite testing platform has formed a measuring tool industry with more product categories, advanced technology and a certain scale of development and production capacity. It has played an effective role in promoting the development of China's measuring tool manufacturing industry, and has played a significant role in the development of precision digital measuring and control instruments and control gauges in China.