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    Mechanical processing of granite mechanical components

    Granite mechanical components using granite and other stone as precision machinery parts is a new direction for the development of precision measuring instruments and precision machinery. Precision machining and micro-machining technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates multiple disciplines such as machine, electricity, light, computer control technology and new materials.

    Among the materials, granite is valued for its own characteristics. The development of various technologies and the defense industry is inseparable from precision machining and micro-machining technology. Many new technology electromechanical products, including MEMS products, need to improve precision and reduce scale to promote the improvement of the technical level of the entire machinery manufacturing industry, so that the quality performance and reliability of mechanical products are improved. Precision machining and micromachining technology are the development direction of the machinery manufacturing industry. Many industrialized countries in the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Russia, have widely used granite as a component of measuring tools or precision machinery.