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    Granite gage of granite scale use and characteristics

    Granite scale as a granite measuring tool in the precision measuring market is very popular, the following use and characteristics of a description.

    Granite foot use: as a precision measuring tool for measuring the straightness and flatness of the workpiece and equipment installation. Machine table, rail and precision work flatness, straightness.

    Granite scale is made of natural stone material precision granite precision measuring tools, instrumentation, precision tools, mechanical parts of the test, are the ideal datum, especially for high-precision measurement The

    Granite flat foot drawn from the underground high-quality rock layer, after hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, the shape is extremely stable, do not worry about the conventional temperature difference and deformation.

    Granite flat foot by rigorous physical testing and selection of granite, with fine crystal, hard texture and so on. As a result of granite non-metallic materials, no magnetic reaction, no plastic deformation. Its high hardness, so the accuracy of good retention, is a high-quality precision measuring tool.