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    How to distinguish between granite gauges and marble gauges

    Granite gauges and marble gauges are made from natural rock and refined, processed into lumps (granite square box) or sheet (granite slab), but the difference between the two materials The following five points.

    First, the cause of stone
    Granite belongs to igneous rocks - igneous rocks are mainly formed by volcanic materials, such as magma. The liquid magma under the surface is cooled and solidified. Mineral gas and liquid into the rock and the formation of new crystals and a variety of colors of a stone, is the most widely distributed igneous rock, a hard stone, rock hard and dense, according to the size of its crystal particles can be divided into " Wei Jing "," coarse crystal "and" fine crystal "three.
    Marble is a metamorphic rock - metamorphic rock is in the high temperature and pressure and mineral mixture under the action of a stone from the natural deterioration of another stone, the main chemical composition is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%, marble belongs to In hard stone.

    Second, hardness
    Granite stone high hardness, due to processing more difficult, but resistant to acid, weathering corrosion. It is not easy to weather and deterioration, the appearance of color can be maintained for more than a century, so made of granite mechanical components for mechanical processing workshop inspection (such as granite plate, granite square feet, granite feet) or external wall decoration and other fields.
    Marble hardness of Mohs hardness of 3-5, are neutral hardness.

    Third, the chemical composition
    Granite is mainly composed of pyroxene, quartz, plagioclase, amphibole, pyroxene, olivine and biotite, belongs to the silicate stone, its composition is mainly silica, about 65% to 75%.
    Marble is a carbonate stone, the main component of calcium carbonate-based, about 50% or more, there are other magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silica. Usually have a lot of patterns, mineral particles.

    Four lines
    Granite stone is no color stripes, only color spots pattern, pattern is characterized by small grain, uniform, and distributed with stars like moss bright spot and sparkling quartz crystal. Which the finer the better the mineral particles, indicating that the structure is firm and strong. The color of the granite color makes people feel colder and harder, more wearable, most of the surface pattern looks like a flower, the tone is also more clear, polished finish than the marble and generally no lines with crystal grain uniform Distribution of the characteristics of rock hard and dense, high hardness, wear, not easy weathering deterioration, the appearance of color can be maintained for more than a century.
    Marble stone mineral composition is simple, easier to process, the majority of fine texture, mirror effect is better, the natural texture is very rich, the color of the marble color temperature makes people feel more warm tone, soft, most of the texture or pattern, But there are few exceptions, with significant crystal particles.

    Five, color
    The color of granite stone depends on the mineral composition, the general quartz, feldspar content, the stone color shallow. When the other mineral content is more than the formation of gray series of granite and gray series of granite. The color of the stone is related to the minerals contained, the main component is calcium carbonate is white, copper is green or blue, cobalt is light red, manganese is rose red, iron was yellow, containing strontium was light blue Color, with graphite black, gray and black.