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    The main types and functional differences of granite testing

    As the granite plate with precision and stability, easy maintenance and other characteristics, which has been a large number of applications. At present, granite measuring tools produced by the manufacturers of granite slabs are mainly tested flat, crossed flat, grinding flat and other types, and different types of granite plate, its function is there is a certain difference. According to the general analysis of granite measuring tools manufacturers, granite plate type and function are as follows:

    1, crossed flat. The scribe plate is the datum plane for the production line.

    2, test plate. The inspection plate is a reference plane for precision measurement of the production workshop or the measurement department.

    Although these two granite slabs are datum planes, their machining methods, the plane accuracy, and the functional role are different.

    Special inspection for the coloring of the flat face to be scraping; other uses of the test flat face to be scraping, grinding or research; crossed flat surface planing can be. It can be seen that the flatness of the test plate is higher than that of the scribing plate. Test plate in the color method to detect the flatness of the workpiece or as a test tool to achieve a variety of measurement tools to achieve the role of the reference position; crossed the plate in the crossed the work played a role in the base.

    3, specifically for the special use of granite plate. Special for the use of granite slabs are mainly polished plate, grinding through the grinding plate after the workpiece surface, you can get a high degree of flatness and very small roughness.


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