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    Stone mechanical assembly process need to pay attention to m

    Machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises to ensure the quality of stone machinery products, assembly, must be in accordance with the provisions of a variety of stone machinery product assembly technical requirements to operate. According to the common assembly of several types of mechanical equipment, we summarized the following precautions.

    1, do a good job cleaning and cleaning parts. Cleaning operations include removal of residual cast sand, rust, chips and so on. In particular, some important parts, such as gantry cutting machine, cavity should be coated with anti-rust paint. Parts of the oil, rust or attached chips can be diesel, kerosene or gasoline as a washing liquid for cleaning, and then dry with compressed air.

    2, match the surface in the match or before the connection, generally need to add lubricant. Especially in the spindle part of the bearing parts, lifting mechanism of the screw nut parts.

    3, matching parts with the size to be accurate, the assembly should be with the size of the re-examination or sampling. For example: the shaft of the journal and bearing with the site, the spindle box and the bearing with the hole and its center distance.

    4, the wheels of the assembly, requiring two-axis wheel axis must be in the same plane, and parallel to each other, should ensure that there is a normal tooth gap, while axial dislocation ≤ 2MM.

    5, the joint surface should be checked whether the formation of flat, with or without deformation, or should be trimmed to remove the burr, to ensure that the contact surface close contact, flat, not skew.

    6, the seal should be parallel into the sealing groove, can not twist deformation, damage scratching the sealing surface.

    7, the pulley assembly requirements are two pulley shaft must be parallel, the center of the groove should be positive, offset over the General Assembly so that the pulley tension is uneven, resulting in belt slip and accelerated wear. Simultaneous V-belt assembly should be fitted before the length should be consistent, to prevent vibration in the drive.

    8, before the assembly of the bearing should be cleaned, remove the anti-rust paint before assembly; cleaning should pay attention to check the raceway and rolling body with or without corrosion, rotation is flexible; bearing assembly should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil, When the pressure is not too much difference, should stop the assembly to check; bearing assembly, no model of the end should be in the direction, by the shoulder direction; set bearing when the force of the size, direction, location should be appropriate, Rolling force, should be symmetrical beating, not slam, to ensure that the end of the vertical axis and to prevent the installation of tilt.

    9, threaded connection should be used to prevent the device, according to the actual situation and design requirements of the following commonly used anti-loose device: double nuts loose; spring washers loose; open pin anti-loose; stop washers loose round nuts and flower mat , Symmetrical multiple bolt tightening method should be used to gradually tighten the order of symmetry, the bar connector should be symmetrical from the middle to the two sides gradually tightened. The tail of the ribs to be bolted should protrude the nut.

    10, do side inspection side inspection.

    11, do a good job driving the pre-check work. For example, check the completeness of the assembly work, the accuracy and reliability of each connection, the flexibility of the movement of the movement, the normalness of the lubrication system, and so on.

    12, do a good job in the start of the monitoring process. After the machine starts, should immediately observe the main working parameters and whether the normal movement of sports parts. The main operating parameters include the speed of movement, the smoothness of the movement, the spindle rotation, lubricating oil pressure and, temperature, vibration and noise. Only when the start of the campaign indicators of normal, stable, can try to run.

    13, according to a variety of stone mechanical products acceptance conditions for trial operation, testing the relevant projects. For example: the knife speed and stroke adjustment and testing, lift movement stroke adjustment, spindle rotation accuracy test.

    Quality stone machinery, is to process a higher quality products to ensure.