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    The history of stone machinery development process

    Stone processing machinery has a long history. Since the human activities on the earth, there have been stone processing, so that archaeologists have divided the ages of ancient humans into the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. In the Paleolithic period of 2.5 million years, stone tools were human labor. 8000 years ago, humans began to use stone axe, stone shovel, stone chisel and stone shovel, and the grinding discs and stone hammers, stone tablets and stone tools made by the human body are important things. Later, with the appearance of metal things, humans gradually grasped the methods of excavation and processing of various stone materials.

    The stone wool board processing began to use a pendulum sand saw, the sawing machine structure was selected by rope hanging, and the feeding system was finished by gravity weight. The saw blade tensioning structure is tensioned by the wedge block. The abrasive is mainly selected from river sand, which is finished by artificial sand and water. The sawn plate has a small scale, uneven thickness and a large surface roughness. The processing technology is relatively simple, the product is single, the labor intensity is high, and the quality is poor.

    In industrial innovation, all stone excavation and processing were completed by hand. It was not until the 19th century that Europe presented machinery for processing stone, which brought an innovation to the stone processing profession. In the future, stone machinery will be freed from the deep physical labor. Since then, the beginning of stone processing has been carried out from the technical operation to the mechanization.

    Following the development of stone processing equipment and processing materials, a diamond structure sawing machine was presented for the processing of marble blocks. The feed structure and the tensioning structure are hydraulic, and the saw frame is selected for translation. The granite structure sand saw adopts the synchronous screw feed structure, and the sand adding system selects the active mixing sandblasting and water spraying system, and the processing power and processing quality are greatly improved.

    Stone processing equipment has been developed with the introduction of new technologies, and its processing technology has also been continuously improved. The stone processing is carried out from the plate to the special shape, and then a series of special-shaped stone processing equipment such as a circular plate cutting machine, an arc plate grinding machine, a stone cutting machine and a numerical control engraving machine are presented. Stone processing equipment has also been continuously improved with the development of science and technology, from simple electrical control to PLC control and numerical control. The processing method is also carried out from machining to high-pressure abrasive water processing, laser processing, flame processing, and sandblasting. The auxiliary equipment is also moving from a single mechanical device to a numerical control and intelligent direction.

    In the middle of the 20th century, the mechanized production and processing equipment of stone was rapidly developed in European countries such as Germany, France and Spain, which promoted the technological progress of stone processing machinery. In the late 1980s, Italy became a developed country for stone machinery manufacturing operations. In the future, many good stone equipment companies have been born in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

    Since the 1980s, China's stone machinery manufacturing operations have continuously introduced advanced national technology, and has begun to form a complete stone processing machinery production system.