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    How to maintain granite gauges

    We may all know that the hardness of granite is very high, second only to diamonds, there are durable features, so the application of granite gauges is quite extensive. It is easy to exist a misunderstanding, we all think so, do not need to maintain the granite gauges. However, any item is needed to be maintained, so that it can be used more long.

    Granite measuring table is easy to maintain, strong anti-fouling ability. Overall, granite gauges provide users with an extremely durable and easy to maintain surface. Therefore, we only need to pay attention in the usual use it is easy to maintain it. Here we organize a few maintenance methods, hoping to help everyone.

    1, in the granite gauges flat surface must not have a serious impact on the appearance and performance of the sand hole, shrink loose, scratches, bumps, stomata, cracks, cracks and other defects;

    2, in the granite gauges flat on the non-working surface of the depression or corner is allowed to repair;

    3, the vertical side of the granite flat side of the face of the tolerance and the vertical tolerance of two adjacent sides of the flat according to GB / T1184 in the provisions of the 12;

    4, the granite plate surface of the central concentrated load area, the application of the rated load and allow the deflection value of the provisions;

    5, if 0 and 1 level plate surface set screw hole (or groove), its location should not be higher than the face;

    6, the use of diagonal or grid method to test the flat surface of the flat face, the airplane should be measured fluctuations in the amount of plane fluctuations in the face.